Loheat products - Farm & Dairy Division

Loheat Dairy & Farm products : Heavy Duty Stands
for Water Heaters

Sizes to suit models 110 litres to 680 litres

It is highly recommended that your Loheat water heater is mounted on a stand. All Loheat water heaters are fitted with integral flanges only to tie the units back to the wall for added security. These flanges are not designed to support the weight of the heater for wall mounting.

Loheat advise the use of these strong galvanised stands to both increase the effectiveness of your water heater and prolong its life. Safely elevating the heater to the required/optimum level, the stand also distributes the weight of the heater evenly over the entire surface, preventing any warping or bowing that can occur when heaters are supported on bricks or pillars.

These robust stands are supplied in kit form for easy self-assembly.

  • 16 gauge steel tray to fully support the base of the water heater
  • 14 gauge steel legs for compressive strength
  • Folded back foot pattern for high load bearing
  • Loheat special leg clamping flanges for rigidity
  • Handy storage tray for 'above floor level' storage of chemicals etc.
  • 3 heights for every size of heater
Drip Trays
  • Small to suit 110-225 litre
  • Large to suit 295-680 litre