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Loheat Dairy & Farm products : Washdown Systems for yards and parlours

Volume Washdown Systems for Yards & Parlours

  • High Volume
  • Powerful 2.2HP motor
  • Brass Impeller for long life
  • Capable of pumping 26 gallons /120 litres per minute
  • Easy to install
  • With either 24 litre pressure vessel or Presscontrol automatic cut out to prevent dry running of the motor.
  • Kit A (illustrated) includes 3 x 25mm lever ball valves, 10m of 25mm delivery hose, 3m of 38mm suction hose, Presscontrol, 1m of connection hose,heavy duty adjustable brass spray gun, brass non-return valve and filter, hose clips, hosetails etc.
  • Full range of spares always in stock
  • Pressure vessels from 24 litres to 500 litres, vertical or horizontal
  • Reinforced 25mm Industrial PVC water hose, 10,25 & 50m rolls. 10bar/145psi WP @ 20C
  • Please contact our sales department for a catalogue


Superjet Self Priming Pumps


Self priming pumps suitable for domestic,commercial and industrial plants, for gardening, parlour washing, yard washing etc with a high volume of water.  Heavy duty construction.  High performance, high delivery, continuous service. 

  • Suction head up to 9 metres depth.
  • Pump body and pump support in cast iron with Impeller in Brass. 
  • Mechanical seal in ceramic/carbon. 
  • Closed self-ventilating motor. 
  • Shaft in stainless steel AISI 416
  • Single phase with built in motor protector, three phase must be protected by a fused remote isolator switch.
  • IP55 Insulation class F.
  • Max water temperature 50ºC

Other models to order. Please ask for a catalogue.