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Loheat Dairy & Farm products : Udderwash Heaters

25 litre or 50 litre capacity

The 25 litre & 50 litre capacity electrically heated Udder Washers are ideally suited not only to udder washing in larger parlours, but also to all those other areas where small quantities of constant hot water are needed on a regular basis.

An open vented system with an integral cold supply means there is no need for a cold loft tank, the heater can be connected direct to the mains, and will provide constant water at a suitable temperature for udder washing.

  • Heavy duty copper tanks to BS2870 Zinc-free brazing alloy
  • White steel casing with top & bottom wall mounting brackets
  • Urethane insulation
  • Hot outlet 22mm compression
  • Easy access drain plug
  • Sacrificial aluminium anode
  • Stainless Steel Incalloy heating element
  • Rod stat for temperature control
  • Manufactured to BS3198

25 litre

  • 8 litre cold tank/25 litre hot tank
  • Height 725mm
  • Width 470mm
  • Depth 210mm
  • 3kw Stainless Steel Incalloy Element

50 litre

  • 25 lit cold tank/50 lit Hot
  • Height 770mm
  • Width 600mm
  • Depth 320mm
  • 3.8kw Stainless Steel Incalloy Element