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Loheat Dairy & Farm products : Teat Spray System

Air Operated

High Performance

Teat Spray Systems

Simple cost-effective solution

  • Multi gun use with no loss of performance
  • Air Pump is the ideal low cost replacement for most other pump units
  • Easy installation
  • Full range of spares always in stock

Low Voltage Electric Teat Spray System

Complete kits to suit 3 & 6 guns from stock.

Low voltage for safety.

 Easy DIY installation using push-fit fittings.

Other size kits to order.

Kits comprise electric pump in splash proof box, transformer,

suction & delivery hose, extendable coils and spray gun,

hose connectors, clips etc.

Short Kits available comprising pump in splash proof enclosure,

transformer, suction hose and fittings. 

Easy to connect leaving existing delivery hosing & guns in place.

Full range of spares always in stock