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Submersible Pumps

Based on the vortex principle, suitable for the pumping of rain and sewage water. Heavy duty construction. Pump body, cover & support in cast iron.  Back and open type impeller in cast iron.  Oil bathed motor with built-in motor protector.  Shaft in stainless steel. Mechanical seal in silicon carbide. 10m of supply cable. Protection class IP68. Max temp of pumped liquid 50ºC

  • Models Vortex 1hp,1.5hp,2.00hp
  • Vortex models with grinder for the pumping of dirty water with solid parts up to 50mm
  • 1hp, 2hp & 3hp
  • Stainless Steel clean water pumps .80hp
  • Pumps for  sandy water, heavy duty construction 0.5 to 3hp
  • Other models of pumps to order
  • Please request a catalogue