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Heavy Duty ALUZINC outer case and industrial quality Copper Cylinder

Our new tough and highly corrosion resistant ALUZINC cased water heaters have that stainless steel look with their clean, natural and bright silvery surface. They are fitted with our long life industrial quality copper cylinders and come in a variety sizes from 110 litres to 680 litres

All models in the range have a large external header tank with brass ball valve, inlet service valve, insulated lid, power light, plus heavy duty industrial quality Incalloy heating elements for long life. Heaters have either 1 or 2 x 28mm water outlets, depending on size, with an extra half capacity outlet on all models 295 litres and larger

The STARTER model (pictured) has a manually operated ball valve below the header tank to prevent cold water entry when drawing off hot water. A rod thermostat controls the temperature and an analogue thermometer reads it.

To upgrade to a more automatic operation we offer a range of factory fitted options. These allow you to select the most appropriate product.

 Please see Fill & Heating Options

Do not be mis-led. Our choice of options ensures you only pay for what what you need.